Initial publication on git of project from 2006
[OpenWorkBench2MSP_Converter.git] /
ecd11c60 1## Openworkbench to Microsoft Project 2003 Converter
3Openworkbench is an alternative project management software which follows a very tight structure.
4Both, Openworkbench and Microsoft Project 2003 use an XML format to store the project. Therefore they can be converted via an XSLT sheet. This is what this project is about. It is written for MS Windows operating systems.
6Last edit: 2006
8### Files
9* - this file
10* OpenWorkbench XML.odt - documentation of the XML file format of OpenWorkbench
11* Docu OWB2MSP.odt - documentation of the conversion process
12* Example OWB.rmp - examplary OpenWorkbench project
13* input.xml - Exported xml file of the examplary OpenWorkbench file
14* XMLConverter.bat - bat file to perform the conversion. The conversion is done in 2 steps.
15* OWB2MSPConverterA.xsl - XSLT sheet of the 1. step of the conversion
16* OWB2MSPConverterB.xsl - XSLT sheet of the 2. step of the conversion
17* LICENSE - GPL v3 license